Prostate Cancer Awareness

For September’s prostate cancer awareness month, three survivors share their personal stories

One man was diagnosed at 46 years of age, one at 52 years of age and the other at 56 years of age. Yet, they all have the same message: they wish they knew sooner. With advancements in technology and prostate cancer screenings, the survival rate for men diagnosed with prostate cancer has increased over the years. Watch these three men share their story and hear the advice they give to men who think it could never happen to them.

Most importantly, do not wait to be screened because it is better to know. Loma Linda University Health urology department chair, Herbert C. Ruckle, MD, says the best age for men to get screened is at age 55. If you are in a high-risk group, such as if you are an African-American or have a family history, you should start getting screened at age 40. To learn more, visit