two children and a mother-figure interacting with a digital wall-type animation in a hospital lobby.

Loma Linda University Children's Hospital has unveiled Loma Land, an interactive digital experience wall in the hospital lobby that combines technology and art. A first-of-its-kind initiative within a hospital setting, Loma Land offers hospital visitors, patients, and their families a unique opportunity to ignite their creativity and elevate their overall well-being.

Created in collaboration with ESI Design, Loma Land offers a three-part digital experience with three colorful kiosk screens. When children visit Loma Land, they can choose an animated forest creature to accompany them along their walk to the elevators. They have the choice of a rabbit, deer, raccoon, fox, or a bear. For a surprise option, there's one with a question mark.

These forest creatures are more than just digital companions; they are blank canvases ready for personalization. Children can decorate them with a variety of accessories and flair, adding their own touch of creativity.

Once the customization process is complete, it's time for the enchanting moment of "releasing" their forest creatures into the wild. This magical event unfolds on an expansive 60-foot-wide screen, serving as the gateway into a captivating digital world. Here, children can watch their creatures spring to life, interact with those of other young adventurers, and embark on exciting journeys of their own.

“Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital has elevated the importance of positive, uplifting environments,” said Emily Webster, Studio Design Leader at NBBJ’s Experience Design Studio, ESI Design. “We’re grateful to build upon that legacy with the introduction of Loma Land, an immersive, interactive experience for children and families unlike any other in the country. Seeing joy and creativity in patients as they arrive to the hospital has been deeply meaningful, and points to a future where healthcare facilities provide additional moments of happiness for patients as a holistic form of healing.”

This innovative project has been made possible through 100% donor funding, showcasing the power of community support in transforming the hospital experience for young patients and their families.

“We are immensely grateful for the generous support of our donors who have made this innovative program a reality. Their investment in this project reflects our collective belief that it will have a profoundly positive impact on those we serve,” said Peter Baker, senior vice president and administrator at Loma Linda University Children's Health.