hand holding foot

Loma Linda University Health is seeking volunteers with moderate to severe below-ankle neuropathy for a graduate student research study titled The Effect of Intraneural Facilitation Therapy on Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy. The study hypothesizes that Intraneural Facilitation therapy (INF™) — a treatment that uses three physical holds to stretch specific nerve areas and bring pressurized blood flow to damaged nerves — may relieve patients with diabetic neuropathy of pain and discomfort.

The study will be done in conjunction with Loma Linda University Health Neuropathic Therapy Center, Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions’ Lee Berk, DrPH, MPH, FACSM, CHES, CLS, and graduate student investigator Kyan Sahba DPT, PhDc. 

To be considered for the study, individuals must be between 50-75 years old and diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. These individuals may regularly experience moderate to severe neuropathy below the ankles that includes feelings of burning, numbness, tingling, sharp pain and sensitivity of the feet. 

Participation will be required for a total of five weeks, with only one visit required in the first week for baseline measurements. The study requirements are as follows:

  • Three visits a week for four consecutive weeks at the Neuropathic Therapy Center located in Loma Linda
  • Each visit will require approximately 60 minutes of treatment, whereby participants receive a series of positions, stretches or light therapy
  • Optional two visits the first and last week for 60 minutes

Upon successful completion of the study, all participants of the study will receive a $100 gift card. Those who complete the optional two visits will be eligible to receive an additional $50.  

This is a randomized control trial, not all participants will receive INF treatment and some participants with certain medical conditions may be excluded from the study.

To determine if you are eligible or for more information about the study, contact Kyan Sahba 714-235-0087 or ksahba@llu.edu.  

To learn more about Loma Linda University Health Neuropathic Therapy Center and the treatments offered, please visit the website or call 909-558-67997.