The Loma Linda University Health Neuropathic Therapy Center recently received a $1 million donation to help promote research in both the area of neuropathy and in other areas within the network’s faculty medical group. The donation was given by the McCarthy Family Foundation — a private foundation established in 1988.

The donation will be broken up over a three-year period, with part of the funds being used to expand research on treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. The study’s primary investigator, Bryan Tsao, MD, serves as the chair of the department of neurology for Loma Linda University Health.

Tsao’s research, which studied intraneural facilitation treatments for restoring vascular function in peripheral nerve, showed improved clinical function in patients with diabetic-associated nerve damage. Research by Tsao represents a piece in the greater picture of Loma Linda University Health’s robust history of adding to the field of knowledge.

The donation from the McCarthy Family Foundation also offers funding opportunities for other research projects or studies at Loma Linda University Health. “What drives us at the NTC center is the desire to live up to the trust that physicians place in us by effectively serving their patients,” says says Mark Bussell, DPT. “When a physician has entrusted us with the care of their patient, we feel it is important to use a proven modality.”

“Partnering with physicians while researching intraneural facilitation (INF) has been extremely rewarding and gives me confidence that INF may be a part of program that meets the needs of their patients,” he says.