Michael Rauser, MD, speaks at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Retina Center on June 22. [photos by Ansel Oliver]

The Loma Linda University Eye Institute yesterday held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new Retina Center, a stand-alone suite in the Faculty Medical Offices that will optimize a patient’s experience and wait times when retina services are required.

The new Retina Center can serve approximately 100 patients a day. The center will soon be staffed with five specialists. Additionally, two other subspecialists will serve those needing neuropathology and oculoplastic services, treating an additional 25 patients a day.

The Eye Institute has grown steadily over the past 15 years, and the new Retina Center will help meet the increasing demand for retina services that have stemmed from population growth and increased preference for service at Loma Linda University Health, said Michael Rauser, MD, director of the institute and chair of ophthalmology at Loma Linda University’s School of Medicine. 

Rauser said he and the staff are pleased for the opportunity to serve the community in a bigger way than ever before.

“It’s really an exciting opportunity to serve, and since space at the Loma Linda University Health campus is a premium, it’s great to now have a stand-alone suite dedicated to retina here in the Faculty Medical Offices,” Rauser said.

Rauser said the new Retina Center will reduce clinic visit times, and a doubled capacity for testing means patients won’t have to wait as long for tests.

The center is located at the Faculty Medical Offices, suite 2900, 11370 Anderson St., Loma Linda. Appointments may be made by calling 909-558-2154.