Desert Guild member Dale Rotner enjoyed the boutique shopping at Girls, Guys & Giving at the Club at Morningside in Rancho Mirage.

A glass of water — tap water — was auctioned off for $400. There was no secret prize at the bottom of the glass, but to the individual who bid and won said glass, the knowledge that the money would go toward helping a child in need at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital was enough.

The glass of water was one of ten items sold during the live auction during Girls, Guys & Giving, the signature fundraising event of the Big Hearts for Little Hearts Desert Guild. The Club at Morningside in Rancho Mirage was the venue; the children of the Coachella Valley were the reason, and auctioneer Jim Nye didn’t need much more to rouse the nearly 300 guests who attended.

After a social evening of good fun for a good cause, the evening raised over $85,000 for LLUCH.