Most parents choose to vaccinate their children in accordance with the recommended schedule by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, some parents still have questions about vaccines, and getting answers they can trust may be difficult.

Sometimes real conversations about vaccination can be easier to understand than just statistics. Loma Linda University Health employees share why they vaccinate themselves and their children.

Tyler Ladue, MD, a family medicine physician, vaccinates to protect himself, his family, his patients and his community.

Carl Ricketts, M.Div., the director of Chaplain Services, vaccinates because he believes in patient safety.

Annette Gonzales, the administrative secretary for Communications, vaccinates to keep her family healthy and happy.

John Marshall, the director of Security and Operator Services, says he vaccinates because it's one more thing he can do to keep the campus safe.

Whatever your reason, Loma Linda University encourages you to vaccinate against preventable diseases during this flu season. It's not to late to get your flu shot.

To learn more about vaccine-preventable diseases, like the flu, visit, or to schedule your flu shot, contact Loma Linda University Primary Care at 909-558-6600.