Loma Linda University Health is now offering a test to detect COVID-19 or flu strains A or B in about 15 minutes through your primary care provider.

Dan Reichert, MD, medical director for the department of family medicine at Loma Linda University Health, says the test can help providers quickly identify what disease a current patient is likely dealing with.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic meets the beginning of the seasonal flu season, testing allows us the ability to determine a patient’s distinct medical condition and the best means of route of treatment,” Reichert says. “The faster we know what we’re dealing with, the faster we can begin treatments — many of which work best when administered early.”

Reichert says the test may be less accurate than the lab-based PCR tests, but it can deliver results within minutes as opposed to days. Reichert recommends speaking with your primary care physician to understand the benefits and limitations of the rapid test.

Both the flu and COVID-19 can result in severe illness and complications, and Reichert says receiving and accurate diagnosis early on is crucial to administering the most impactful and effective treatment.

Reichert says any primary care physician can order the test, which can be administered at Loma Linda University Health Faculty Medical Clinics – Redlands Blvd. or other locations with the capability.

To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself and your family during the flu season, visit our flu page at lluh.org/flu. Loma Linda University Health Primary Care and Urgent Care locations are available for in-person or virtual visits. Appointments can be made quickly and easily online at MyChart or by calling 909-303-9939.