Peter Bastian

Peter Bastian


Physician gives important health tips to men in 60 seconds or less

Part of staying healthy means avoiding health problems altogether. Peter Bastian, MD, MPH, a preventive medicine physician at Loma Linda University Health, says the best way for men to maintain good preventive health is to regularly meet with a primary care provider.

“During your visits, your healthcare provider will talk with you about ways to stay healthy that work for you,” he says. “Your health is individual, but there are some things that can help anyone.”

A health checklist you can keep in mind is to make every day a “new” day by incorporating Nutrition, Exercise and Water.

You should also avoid things that damage your health, such as drinking, smoking, or recreational drugs. Bastian recommends using these tips to protect yourself from diseases and spend your time on the things and people most important to you.

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