Men's Health Month serves as a timely reminder for men to see their healthcare provider and raises awareness about the benefit of early detection. Men are more likely than women to suffer from a broad spectrum of issues ranging from heart disease and cancer to substance abuse, depression and suicide.

Thomas K. Donaldson, MD, chair of orthopaedics at Loma Linda University Health, shares tips that can make a big difference for the man in your life. “Joints are what make the entire body tick, but they’re prone to wear and tear like any mechanical system,” Donaldson says. “They’ll function best — and longer — when you take care of them.”

To help maintain your joint health, Donaldson recommends following these three quick tips:

Although you may not be able to completely prevent injury or avoid health conditions such as arthritis, following these simple tips can help safeguard your joints throughout your life.

Stay physically active

Joints like motion, and the more they move, the less stiffness they’ll have. It’s important for people who work at a desk or computer to make sure they’re changing positions often and taking breaks to walk around and exercise their joints.

Know your limits

Don’t push the body to the point of pain, but instead, listen to the body. Stretching before exercise can help limit some of the pain by loosening the ligaments that form the joints. If the body is still in pain, make sure it’s getting an appropriate amount of rest and water.

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet will lead to a healthy weight and overall mental and physical health. Weight impacts the strain on the hips and knees and can cause them to wear down prematurely. Additionally, foods that lower inflammation can help mitigate joint pain and tenderness. Ask a physician about the best way to get started.

Loma Linda University Health providers are committed to ensuring all patients have access to the care they need — especially during this stressful time. Patients can schedule video visits by visiting or calling their provider.