Cafeteria training underway

Cafeteria workers begin training on their new equipment in the future food service area. Six different serving stations will serve a wide range of vegetarian cuisine.

Food Service personnel have started training and testing kitchen equipment in the new Dennis and Carol Troesh Medical Campus. The California Department of Health certified the new food service areas after a focused survey that took place June 15.

One important aspect of the training process is performing time/temperature studies. These studies examine the efficiency of both the heat lamps above the food and the warm water that circulates under the serving pans. Food safety practices call for food to be kept at certain temperatures to limit bacteria growth without drying out the food.

The new cafeteria will feature a variety of serving stations featuring a wide variety of vegetarian food. Some items will be prepared to order in the cafeteria. Other selections will be prepared in a kitchen one floor below — on A level — and delivered to the serving areas. Dietary choices will represent Loma Linda University Health’s longstanding principles of wholeness and health.

The cafeteria will be on the first floor, right off the Grand Hallway. Along with serving personnel from both hospitals, the cafeteria will be open to the public. Seating capacity will be 425, with some additional seating available in an outdoor dining space along the east side of the building.