The Cheek brothers quintet

The talent was incredible. The audience, massively entertained. The venue, stunning. From Bluegrass acts to world-class violinists, the spotlight was on the Loma Linda University Health’s deep roots of musical talent throughout its eight professional schools, Saturday evening, March 4, during the “Loma Linda’s Got Talent” talent show event at the Drayson Center.

School of Dentistry alum Adrian Dumitrescu serenaded the crowd with his violin skills, and current Dentistry student Steven Debulgado wowed as he nimbly made his cello’s strings sing in harmony.

Not to be outdone, a number of School of Medicine alumni stepped up to perform numbers on a variety of instruments: clarinets, saxophones, guitars and even a ukulele. A blended group of School of Medicine and School of Dentistry alumni and faculty awed with a brass quintet, and the Cheek brothers, alumni from the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

Saxophonist Jon Olango, vocalist Andrene Campbell and Richard Luke Elloway on his ukulele, all School of Medicine alumni, delivered strong performances, while alumnus Erik Valenti provided the laughs with his comedic illusion acts.


The full schedule of performances included:

• Violin: Adrian Dumitrescu, School of Dentistry faculty

• Cello: Steven Debulgado, School of Dentistry student

• Piano/strings: Jonathan Harper, Casey Harms, Laurel Guthrie, William Guthrie, Allen Nedley, School of Medicine alumni and students

• Brass quintet: Dennis Anderson, Kimber Schneider, Byron Moe, Ben Eby, Terry Douglas, School of Medicine alumni and School of Dentistry alumni/faculty

• Vocals: Cheek Brothers

• Saxophone: Jon Olango, School of Medicine alumnus

• Vocals: Lance Hundley, School of Allied Health Professions student

• Guitar; Ron Lamberton, School of Medicine alumnus

• Clarinet: Jessica Blaza, School of Medicine student

• Vocal group: School of Nursing students (tentative)

• Ukulele: Richard Luke Elloway, School of Medicine alumnus

• Comedy: Erik Valenti, School of Medicine alumnus

• Vocals: Andrene Campbell, School of Medicine alumnus

• Bluegrass: Kimberly Conley and friends, School of Medicine alumna, School of Public Health students, and others


The program ended with Brett Quave, Ron Foo and friends, School of Medicine alumni singing, “To Make Man Whole.” Audience members joined in to sing the chorus in the grand finale.