group of child life specialists and hospital administrators stand with giant check in outdoor amphitheater smiling at camera

For more than a decade throughout Spirit of Children's relationship with Children's Hospital, they have raised more than $639,000 for the hospital.

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital received $175,930 from Spirit of Children on Thursday, March 10, to support the Child Life department and further its goal of making hospitals less scary for children and their families.

“Through their continued support over the years, Spirit of Children has raised more than $639,000 for Children’s Hospital,” says Rachelle Bussell, MA, RN, CFRE, senior vice president for Advancement at Loma Linda University Health. “We want to thank them for their commitment to our community and our kids.”

Through the Child Life program, specially trained staff provide every level of support to patients and their families during hospitalization seven days a week, 365 days a year. Support includes providing access to activity rooms, emotional and mental support, school reintegration programs, coping strategies, education on medical procedures and diagnoses, and more.

In addition to the support of Child Life, Spirit of Children partnered with Children’s Hospital in October 2021 to treat patients to fall celebration kits — each with a costume, activity books, crayons, and goodie bags. In previous years, Spirit of Children has held a fall festival in the hospital; however, COVID-19 restrictions did not allow hospital gatherings. Instead, Child Life Specialists circulated throughout the units passing out the kits to each patient.

“During the pandemic, even though your Spirit of Children team couldn’t be here in person, you supported our kids,” says Dorothy Brooks, MA, CCLS, bereavement and community education specialist at Children’s Hospital. “We had enough costumes to give to every child from our pediatric units down to the emergency department.” 

Visit our website to learn more about Child Life Services.