New Loma Linda University Health signage system

New Loma Linda University Health signage system

New signage is being installed around the Loma Linda University Health campus, designed to help clarify new routes to important buildings and entry points.

Signage is being placed at strategic locations around the campus, and reflect Loma Linda University Health’s growing footprint. While most visitors are looking for the Medical Center, many others need help to locate additional facilities, including East Campus, the Surgical Hospital, the Behavioral Medicine Center, Faculty Medical Group, the Drayson Center, Centennial Complex, and other key buildings.

The new directional aids will be particularly helpful to visitors trying to locate the Medical Center’s main entrances and the visitor parking structure. For many years the entrance and visitor lot were located just west of Anderson Street. That area is now the site of the future hospital and new Children’s  Hospital tower. Most short-term parking for visitors is now located in a structure on the corner of Barton Road and Campus Street.

Some of the signs display directional information on one side and community public art on the reverse side. Artwork selected for display on these signs will be selected to represent artists’ various understands of wellness. Current images being displayed can be seen online.

The massive construction project is a part of Loma Linda University Health’s Vision 2020 – The Campaign for a Whole Tomorrow. New buildings for both hospitals will meet and exceed California’s upcoming seismic requirements for hospitals.

We're sharing photographic updates of the hospital construction work on a periodic basis. Watch for special emphasis on some of the behind-the-scenes views and untold stories at the Vision 2020 website.

This vignette is adapted from a blog by Dennis E. Park, which appears on the website