Group of two women and three men in business attire for a ribbon cutting ceremony

LLUH leadership celebrated the new PACE program during a ribbon cutting ceremony on January 4

Loma Linda University Health has launched a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), a comprehensive outpatient care model designed for elderly seniors who can still live at home but want supplemental day-to-day living support and socialization options.

LLUH’s new PACE program, located in its Park Avenue location in Redlands, offers transportation for participants to its PACE Center. Services include clinical outpatient care, activities, food service, a dining room, shower facilities, and laundry service. Clinical services include primary care exams, physical therapy, cardiology specialties, vision, and transportation to dental services. Staff can also schedule medical appointments for participants, and transportation is provided by the PACE program.

Many seniors in community-based PACE programs across the country choose to visit their designated center several times a week to enjoy socialization with friends, receive outpatient care or social work services, or perform daily tasks in a different environment than at home or with family.

“This is concierge planned care with a plan,” said Leslie Von Esch, RN, MSN, CPHQ, PHN, director of the PACE Center. “PACE creates a community for our local seniors and keeps them active, all in addition to providing services and support for their regular medical needs.”

The program is starting with approximately 20 participants and is expected to grow to 350.

PACE is funded by CMS and DHCS for persons who are age 55 or older who require a nursing home level of care and live within the LLUH PACE service area. When participants enroll, the PACE program provides for complete coverage of all healthcare needs.

PACE programs have grown in popularity over the years — California now has 19,000 participants in PACE programs throughout the state, according to CalPACE. The care model was conceived in the early 1970s in San Francisco by a social worker who saw the need to offer support to elderly seniors not yet in need of a nursing home.

The Loma Linda University Health PACE program also offers additional home health services, such as cooking, medication reminders, dressing, and bathing.

The LLUH PACE program is located at 1790 Park Avenue, Suite 100, in Redlands. For more information or to request a tour of the facility, call 909-558-7223, or visit