Emergency power plant for new facility

The Emergency Power Plant, which is located at the corner of Taylor Street and Taylor Court.

Four new power generators will meet the electrical needs of the new adult hospital and Children’s Hospital towers when the facilities open for patient care. Set in a new building just east of the existing campus power plant, the generators will be capable of delivering emergency power to critical life safety systems within seconds.

The new plant will be able to deliver approximately 10 megawatts of power. When outside power fails, emergency systems will automatically switch to the power plant for electricity. Codes require many parts of the new hospitals to be able to be supported by emergency power, including certain lights, equipment, outlets, air handlers, other mechanical systems, fire suppression systems and controls and more.

Along with the two hospital towers, the new generators will also support the emergency power needs in Schuman Pavilion. Basic building needs should be able to be operated for 96 hours without supplemental power from outside power sources.

This vignette is adapted from a blog by Dennis E. Park, which appears on the website www.docuvision2020.com.