Roberto Terrones, a student at Loma Linda University School of Public Health, received the “Cultural Competency Excellence Award” from the Office of Cultural Competence and Ethnic Services, Department of Behavioral Health, San Bernardino County.

Justine Rangel, MSW, MPA, Interim Cultural Competency Officer for San Bernardino County said, “Roberto is not only a first generation graduate student, but also has worked many years with the community. During his time at Loma Linda University while obtaining his doctoral degree in Health Education, Roberto developed a community-based program where he had firsthand experience not only in developing a program, but in implementing it with his colleagues and local community.”

Roberto worked with the Mexican Consulate in San Bernardino for two years, and provided assistance to primarily low income Spanish speaking individuals from all over the county. Roberto currently works as program coordinator for the California Health Collaborative and continues to meet with local decision makers, community members and coalition members who come from diverse backgrounds.

Through his extensive work with the San Bernardino community, Terrones has been responsive, perceptive, and attuned to issues that affect individuals from all cultures.

Terrones is a member of a number of committees, including the LGBQ, Latino, and the Co-Occurring and Substance Abuse Awareness Subcommittee.

Terrones received his award at the February 2 meeting of the Behavioral Health Commission meeting held in Rialto, CA at the County of San Bernardino Human Services (CSBHS) auditorium