Calendar with heart pinned to it

All are invited to virtually participate in a special Heart Month Celebration hosted by Loma Linda University Health from Sunday, Feb. 1 – Monday, Feb. 28.

Hear from health experts in cardiology about keeping kids’ hearts healthy, the heart’s electrical system, congenital heart disease, and a one-year update from LLU COVID-19 Heart Clinic.

These heart month webinars are available on the Heart Month webpage throughout February. Additional webinars also appear on the page — packed with insights about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart failure, differences in heart disease between men and women, and a surgeon's health tips for ensuring heart health.

Benefit from reading stories on the LLUH news site about inspiring health journeys from patients who have received care at Loma Linda University International Heart Institute. Tune into more patient stories and health tips shared across social media platforms such as @LLUHealth and @LLUChildrens on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For more information, please visit the webpage and sign up for emails to continue learning about heart health for you and your loved ones.