Elisabeth Longo was presented with a plaque in celebration of 10 years of her father’s legacy in maternal fetal medicine at an anniversary luncheon on Friday, June 1.

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (LLUCH) celebrated the 10-year anniversary of maternal-fetal medicine at the Perinatal Institute with an event on Friday, June 1.

LLU Children’s Hospital has had a longstanding reputation for the care it provides to mothers and babies, however, prior to 2008 there was an opportunity to do more to address the health concerns of the mother and fetus prior to, during and shortly after pregnancy.

In May 2008, maternal-fetal medicine services became available to expectant mothers with the opening of the Perinatal Institute at LLUCH. A group of clinicians led by Bryan Oshiro, MD, high-risk gynecology and obstetrics researcher, then the medical director of the Perinatal Institute at LLUCH, joined forces to create a multi-disciplinary center to treat expectant mothers and fetuses who required specialized care

“We needed to bring together all aspects of perinatal care so patients would only have to come to one place,” Oshiro said. “It was an exciting time and everyone wanted to work together to make it happen. We were building something together.”

'Building something together' - Celebrating 10 Years of Maternal-Fetal Medicine from Loma Linda University Health on Vimeo.

Also working in tandem with the group was the late Lawrence D. Longo, MD, founder and director emeritus of the Center for Perinatal Biology at LLU. An internationally known researcher, Longo’s research in the field of developmental physiology greatly influenced and made possible the care LLUCH provides to families treated at the Institute. His daughter, Elisabeth Longo, attended the anniversary event and was presented with a plaque in his honor.

The Perinatal Institute includes the Total Care Birth Center, NICU, Birth & Beyond Center, and the Comprehensive Tobacco Treatment Program.

Kevin Balli, MD, chair of gynecology and obstetrics, says the future of maternal-fetal medicine at the Institute is bright.

“We want to provide excellent obstetrical care for patients who have high-risk issues, “Balli said. “We have grown, and we have a department of physicians who are really passionate about giving their all to help patients in this area.”

For more information on maternal-fetal medicine or the Perinatal Institute visit their website or call 1-800-825-KIDS.