LLU-SPH uses its Educational Theatre Program to help train educators and administrators in Riverside County. (From L to R) Front Row: S. Hashim, M. Barraza, T. Gould, Pediatric Resident Back Row: R. Spencer, M. Westbrook, J. Valladares

Using its Educational Theatre Program, Loma Linda University School of Public Health provided asthma training at the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) staff orientation session. The session took place August 31 at the Riverside Marriott Hotel.

“We are asked to participate every year. Both administrators and teachers enjoy our asthma training, and learn a lot about how to respond in emergency situations both in and outside of the classroom,“ said Johanny Valadares, MBA, research associate and field practicum coordinator, LLU-School of Public Health, Center for Community Resilience.

This year, the theater presentation included a trip to the Jungle Zoo, where student actor Suhail Hashim, an asthma sufferer, came in contact with many furry friends, hay, air conditioning (in the bus), and second hand smoke from a zoo visitor.

A demonstration was provided on how to assist a child in the use an inhaler. Also, the Riverside educators received training on the protocol and proper language for notifying parents of the emergency event. 

Funding for this asthma training was provided by First 5 Riverside.