More than 500 members of Loma Linda University Health joined the community in the joyous celebration

A joyful and emotional celebration marked the completion of Loma Linda University Health – San Bernardino. Located at 250 South G Street in downtown San Bernardino, it includes San Manuel Gateway College, funded in part by a generous gift of $10 million from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, an expanded multi-specialty medical clinic operated by Social Action Community Health System (SACHS) and a vegetarian restaurant, which will showcase the longevity enhancing benefits of a plant-based diet.

The facility will soon be busy providing health care and education to members of the community: June 27 is move-in day for SACHS; behavioral health services, family medicine residency and current SACHS pediatric services begin service Monday, July 18.

In early August, pediatric teaching office begins services, and internal medicine and OB-GYN and specialty clinics begin services.

San Manuel Gateway College programs, including medical assistant, front and back office skills and patient care assistant, are scheduled to begin in September.

Farmacy Fresh Café will open in the fall.

Images by Jenny Favela, Courtney Haas, James Ponder, Heather Reifsnyder and Nancy Yuen