Thousands are celebrating with Loma Linda University Health at the Vision 2020 Groundbreaking Event. The Groundbreaking is being held today from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

While kids are enjoying the Teddy Bear clinic, petting zoo and meeting the pet therapy animals, entire families lined up to sample the fare from the three food trucks that had been invited.

The trucks: Falasophy, Lobos Truck, and Kona Ice, each provided an elevated casual dining experience.

The sample plate from Falasophy ( provided an oasis of flavor. A feast for the eye, the colorful sampling included pita sandwiches with delicately seasoned, perfectly prepared falafals that starred against worthy supporting actors: cilantro and pickled onions in one, and cool cucumber and fresh tomatoes in another. The sauces that accompanied each sandwich were delicious.

Side dishes were memorable including tasty, pickled red cabbage, hearty quinoa-tabouli salad and stuffed grape leaves, made from scratch. There were many exotic flavors that surprised the palate; the hummus was worthy of a second order. For the many attendees looking for an oasis of flavor and freshness, Falosophy food truck was a wonderful option, earning its title of gourmet falafel shop and hummus bar. The surprise? Falasophy is all vegetarian and mostly vegan.

Lobos Truck
The Lobos Truck fulfilled its promise, serving outstanding, heartwarming flavor in one of its signature dishes, the Wachos.

At first glance the dish provided a hearty serving of lightly seasoned, waffle-cut fries and house-made cheese sauce. Much more than crosscut fries with nacho toppings, Wachos is creative yumminess in a plate. The delicious mix contained naturally sweet, sautéed onions accompanied by cooling guacamole and tomatoes for freshness. One serving provided a hearty meal. The Lobos Truck certainly earned its rating as
2014 best ‪#foodtruck by ‪@TheLAHotList.

Kona Ice
The coolest of the food trucks helping celebrate the Vision 2020 Groundbreaking Event was definitely Kona Ice. The long line of customers was not disappointed. Each was given a paper cone with finely shaved ice that served as a blank palate for a colorful variety of self-serve flavors.

The bright flavors, reminiscent of long, summer days of childhood included cherry, lip-smacking lemon-lime, refreshing watermelon, orange and pina colada. The more adventuresome kids created a rainbow of flavors, while others chose to savor their favorite flavor. Kona Ice truck advertises itself as "The coolest shaved ice truck in town,” and its icy refreshment did not disappoint.