A commercial for “LIVE IT: The Online Health Show,” produced by advancement films, has gone viral. As of Feb. 11, the ad, a lighthearted portrayal of a senior “living it,” has received 373,000 Facebook views; 4,084 shares and 4,233 likes. The commercial may be viewed here.

“Knowing that Super Bowl weekend was around the corner," says Cosmin Cosma, director, advancement films, "and wanting to capitalize on the buzz surrounding Super Bowl commercials, we decided to release an ad promoting the ‘LIVE IT’ show on the Loma Linda University Health social media platforms on game day. The social media team suggested that we promote the ad as “The best Super Bowl commercial to not air during the game.”

“The 30-second commercial focuses on one of the healthy, active seniors our community is known for,” says Cosma. “It shows a senior outdoing a 20-year-old at the Loma Linda University Drayson Center and ends on a text slide that says: ‘Learn secrets to living healthier, longer. LIVE IT: The Online Health Show,’ linking back to the show website: LiveItLomaLinda.org.”

“We contacted Drayson Center,” says Cosma, “asking them to suggest an active senior in the community. They identified Don Prior as a good candidate for the commercial. We met with him and he agreed to star in the commercial. Don has a good sense of humor and didn’t mind us taking a few minutes of his time to film the commercial.

Both the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists shared the post with their Facebook fans.