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Research highlights featured during One Homecoming weekend

Projects examine everything from prison healthcare to leukemia in minority children

Eight common denominators to live longer

Dan Buettner, curator of the Blue Zones, made a pit stop in Loma Linda to talk about what people in the world are doing to live longer, healthier lives

Homecoming kicks off with ‘healthy people’ event in healthiest community

Researchers from each of the world’s five Blue Zones present the latest findings on what makes people live longer during the first International Symposium on Blue Zone Science & Health.

‘Is Genesis History?’

An LLU professor served as advisor for a film showing nationwide that features science supporting the biblical account of creation and the flood.

Research turns a corner in 2016

Funds awarded for research nearly double in one year.

Loma Linda University researchers expand sea turtle research smartphone apps

Loma Linda University researchers unveil new products to assist turtle researchers and citizen-scientists

Researcher aims to reduce pain and other negative outcomes for premature infants

$1.6 million NIH grant enables researcher to look for ways to reduce pain for premature infants.

Meet Sarah Maithel, unassuming First Lady of Coconino Sandstone

Loma Linda University graduate student is a world expert on enigmatic stone formation