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Remembering Dr. Longo: A Giant Who Made This World A Better Place

A man who dedicated his entire career to making life better for mothers and babies has left his post at Loma Linda University School of Medicine (LLUSM) for the last time.

Loma Linda University Health tours available by reservation

Did you know that each year hundreds of guests from around the world tour Loma Linda University Medical Center and the main campus of Loma Linda University Health?

World Health Day event brings awareness to Zika virus and Ebola

April 7 has been designated World Health Day by the United Nations and provides an opportunity to explore the causes and global impact of new, fast-spreading pandemics such as the Zika virus and Ebola.

Baby Fae and Baby Moses: An Interview with Leonard Bailey

Infant heart transplant pioneer Leonard Bailey, MD, shared the following during an interview in 2007.

Baby Fae: As a Wondering World Watched

The transplant of a baboon heart into a two-week-old girl by a team headed by Leonard L. Bailey, MD, a 1969 graduate of the School of Medicine, was the first of its kind in a newborn ever attempted.

Baby Fae: Best Available Therapy

Baby Fae lived almost three weeks after surgery, apparently at least two good weeks. This was much longer than any other xenograft had ever survived.

Baby Fae: A Chronology

Read the full chronology of Baby Fae

Baby Fae: The World Reacts

Reflection and Comment from the World Media on Baby Fae's Surgery