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Fast-Track appointments now available in Primary Care

Quick appointments for certain conditions only; differs from same-day visits

Toward a shared ethical identity in Adventist healthcare

New Adventist Bioethics Consortium to foster collaboration among the five denominational healthcare systems in the U.S.; nerve center at Loma Linda University Health

Meet the baby snugglers

Dedicated volunteers offer love, nurture to premature and sick infants at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital

Pediatric heart patient gives back to kids like her

While waiting for a new heart, this 11-year-old spent time raising money to make the hospital a little more fun

Cheng Family Foundation provides ongoing support to pediatric ophthalmology

Nearly 12,000 kids in the Inland Empire have benefited from the foundation that supports the vision screening program

Loma Linda University Health opens Neuropathic Therapy Center

New facility home to innovative treatment to restore damaged nerves

Know the signs of a stroke

A stroke can cause serious long-term disabilities such as paralysis or loss of muscle movement, so it’s important to recognize signs to help yourself and others.

Now open: Pediatric Express Care for evening and Sunday hours

Sick child appointments are available as a non-emergency alternative to Urgent Care or the Emergency Department at Loma Linda University Health

Going three for three: one last ‘Big Pour’

Final concrete pour for the new hospital complex’s mat foundation to take place Saturday night/Sunday morning

How two superheroes help laryngectomy patients recover their zest for living

Facing the prospect of losing their voice, patients receive support from those who have gone before