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Baby Fae and Baby Moses: An Interview with Leonard Bailey

Infant heart transplant pioneer Leonard Bailey, MD, shared the following during an interview in 2007.

Baby Fae: As a Wondering World Watched

The transplant of a baboon heart into a two-week-old girl by a team headed by Leonard L. Bailey, MD, a 1969 graduate of the School of Medicine, was the first of its kind in a newborn ever attempted.

Baby Fae: Best Available Therapy

Baby Fae lived almost three weeks after surgery, apparently at least two good weeks. This was much longer than any other xenograft had ever survived.

Baby Fae: A Chronology

Read the full chronology of Baby Fae

Baby Fae: The World Reacts

Reflection and Comment from the World Media on Baby Fae's Surgery

Let’s get cooking

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